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David W. Frey is a microcarrier, specializing in perishable time sensitive freight. Primarily we run coast to coast with an emphasis on the California market, providing truckload and LTL service in the Interstate 80, 5, 40, & 81 corridors.

Your freight will ride in a 53’ X 102” air-ride refrigerated trailer, Smart Way certified and CARB compliant, maintained to the highest of standards.

Currently we can provide you with the following:

  1. A gross cargo weight of 45,000 lbs. MAXIMUM.
  2. Usable inside length of 51’ 9.5”, inside width of 98”, inside height of 107” = 3,722 cubic feet.
  3. Refrigeration unit is a Carrier Vector 8500.  Deep frozen capacity and fresh is controlled by modulation.
    Micro-processor temperature logging and tracking thru CORETEX iBright monitoring.
  4. Limited multi-temp equipped, movable bulkhead with vents and 12 volt fan for frozen and fresh loads.
  5. Heater protection if required.
  6. Pallet jack, hand truck, trailer to trailer dock plate, and six load bars.

Other certifications and services:

  1. CDL Tanker endorsement. (for your Totes)
  2. FSMA trained drivers.
  3. Safe driver with three safe driving awards.
  4. $250,000 cargo insurance with reefer breakdown.
  5. Snow chain equipped, when required.

Our goal is to provide you with excellent service: on time, safe, environmentally sustainable, and at the correct temperatures.  DWF's west coast trucking experience goes back to 1989 and operating authorities since 1992.  If you need and value a microcarrier who will treat your product as if it's the only load, you will appreciate and understand the personal commitment and service DWF can provide to you.  We're a microcarrier who loves west coast trucking!

Picture showing inside of David W. Frey's trailer