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Living a childhood dream, literally!  I began working in the trucking industry in 1985 at the local Union 76 Truck Stop located in Harrisburg, PA.  This is where I developed my early contacts and relationships.  In August of 1987 at twenty-one years of age I secured an entry level driving position with Kuhn Transportation, Inc. (KTC) formerly located in Gardners, PA.  For the next 21 months I learned how to drive a tractor and trailer. Experiencing over the road trucking from behind the wheel, I pulled a dry van around the eastern United States.  Knowing my intentions from day one at KTC, we had to amicably part ways.

In May of 1989 I moved on to V.K. Putman, Inc. a refrigerated carrier formerly located in Belgrade, Montana. This is where I learned firsthand all about my lifelong passion…pulling a reefer, running coast to coast, and hauling produce.  My first load going east was a load of spuds / potatoes destined for Hunts Point Produce Market in Bronx, NY. I thought "Wow, I have arrived", but it was only the beginning. For the next 17 months, I turned countless laps from Washington, Oregon, and California to New York City, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The fall of 1990 was my biggest and most important step toward starting my own company.  I purchased my first tractor and trailer, leasing this equipment on with my friends at V.K. Putman, Inc. until January 1, 1992. This is the day DWF began with my initial ICC MC# 246891 / DOT# 507184. DWF operated team service for the next eight years, until it shuttered at the end of 1999 for personal reasons.

On January 1, 2000 DWF regrouped and began this current chapter with ICC MC# 374543 / DOT# 850054. After three plus decades, over three million plus miles, and thirty plus years pulling a reefer… there's still excitement when it’s time to go west!